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I have been a very happy client at C-beauty Schoonheidssalon for nearly five years now. My treatments have been all been for permanent hair removal- chin, upper lip, arm pits, then i got my entire legs and bikini line done. For me, every treatment area took around 6-8 sessions to disapear completely. As a whole, the IPL hair removal treatments worked like magic on my body hairtype ( dark thick hair, skintype light olive)- i hardly have any hair left!! I am truly ecstatic about the results! It´s really worth every bit of the investment you put in to it! From now on i only have to come back once or twise a year just for a little touch up! I would without a doubt recommend the hair removal treatment for anyone at C-beauty. It´s a extremely clean salon with excellent apparatus and the treatments are performed by professional ( Cathelijn) who knows exactly what she is doing and loves her work. All of my visits ( and there have been many!) have always been incredibly pleasant!